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Ákos Ezer
(b. 1989)

Despite his young age, thanks to the opportunities given by the internet, Ákos Ezer is building a successful international art career. He graduated at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2014 and since then his unmistakable, energetic, still grotesque paintings were on display on numerous exhibitions around Europe and Asia. His works were provided by the Esterházy Art Award, 2017 and the K&H Art Award, 2016.


Ezer’s enormous canvases bring together new, expressive strokes and vivid colour contrasts that are settled in multicoloured patterns. On them, grotesque figures tumble upon each other creating Laocoon-group-like masses, filling out the large canvas areas. Usually, his figures are very characteristic because of the distinctive features that the artist gives them, such as long hair, huge noses and hands and expressive facial expressions.

Ákos Ezer lives and works in Budapest.


2008-2014 Hungarian University of Fine Arts


2022 Strabag Art Prize (shortlisted)

2017 Esterházy Award

2017 Leopold Bloom Art Award (shortlisted)

2016 K&H Creator Scholarship

2015 Essl Art Award (nominated)

2014 Chimera Art Award (shortlisted)

2012 Ari Kupsus Concert Society Award


2023 At least we had fun today… L21 Gallery, Palma De Mallorca (ES)

2023 Hide-and-seek, AISHONANZUKA, Room 101, Chinachem Hollywood Center, Hong Kong (HK)

2022 Dance without music, Strabag Kunstforum Wien, Austria (AT)

2022 Fairplay, Einspach Fine Art and Photography, Budapest (HU)

2022 Let's meet on the playground,  Galerie Droste, Düsseldorf (DE)

2021 Day off ideas, Galerie Droste, Wuppertal (DE)

2021 Let The time pass, AISHONANZUKA, Hong Kong (HK)

2020 Memories From the future, Galerie Droste, Paris/Wuppertal (FR)

2020 Try not to laugh challenge #020,  Artkartell, Budapest (HU)

2019 Closer Look, Muzeul de Arte (organized by Spatiu Intact and Art+Text Budapest) Cluj-Napoca (RO)

2019 Ábstract Hungary, Künstlerhaus K/M, Graz (AT)

2018 BOOM...CRASH...BANG…, Art+Text Budapest (HU) 

2018 Uncommon days, Tanja Pol Galerie, München (DE)

2017 Accidentally, Art+Text Budapest, Budapest (HU)

2016 Expedition im Hinterhof, Tanja Pol Galerie, München (DE)

         Ahol nincs, ott az isten se talal, L-art, Budapest (HU)

2015 Search, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Prague (CZE)

         Pioneer, MüSzi, Budapest, (HU)

2013 Own material, Gallery of the Community Center Szigetvár,
         Szigetvár (HU)

2009 Present Continuous, Szabó Ernő Library, Budapest (HU)

2015 Hungarian Day of Painting, Bálna Budapest, Budapest (HU)


2023 Taipei Dangdai (one-person exhibition with Galerie Droste, Düsseldorf), Taipei (TWAN)

2023 Summer Wine - Einspach Fine Art & Photography, Budapest (HU)

2022 Directions, A new possibility for acquisitions,  Hungarian National Gallery (HU)

2022 Untitled Art Miami, Galerie Droste, Miami (US)

2022 You met me at a very strange time in my life, L21 Gallery, L21 LAB, Palma De Mallorca (ES)

2022 KIAF Seoul, Galerie Droste, Seoul (KR)

2022 Enter Art Fair, Galerie Droste, Copenhagen (DK)

2022 Chronicles vol. 4, Galerie Droste x KPM Berlin, (DE)

2022 Grand opening, Galerie Droste, Paris, (FR)

2021 Hollywood Road, AISHONANZUKA, Hong Kong, (HK)

2021 Chronicles vol. 3, Galerie Droste x KPM Berlin,(DE)

2020 5 years, Plastic Murs, Valencia (ES)

2020 Chronicles vol. 2, Galerie Droste, Düsseldorf (DE)

2018, Time of our lives?,  Modem Debrecen (HU)

2018 Salon de Bobanisme, Münich (DE)

2018 Poesie des Scheiterns, Esterházy Palace, Eisenstadt  (AT)

2017 Esterházy Art Award, Ludwig Museum, Budapest (HU)

2017 Salon De Bobanisme, München (DE)

2017 Leopold Bloom Art Award Exhibition, Budapest Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2017 X, Y, Modem Debrecen (HU)

2017 Contemporary Visions, Beers London (UK)

2016 Hungarian Day Of Painting, Esztergom (HU)

2015 Hungarian Day of Painting, Bálna Budapest (HU)

2015 Essl Art Award, Nominees Night Budapest, Budapest Gallery (HU)

2015 Tárgy eset, A. P. A. Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2014 The Idol is falling, Partizán Studios and Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2014 OOOPS Street session and exhibition, Partizán Studios and Gallery, 
         Budapest (HU)

2014 Best of Diploma, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Barcsay room,
         Budapest (HU)

2014 „Ablakom a lármás tavasznak ki nem tárom”, Debrecen (HU)

2014 Pimp my Art, Mazart Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2013 ZIM ZUM, Praque, Hungarian Cultural Institute (CZE)

2013 Budapest Art Expo Fresh, Art Mill, Szentendre (HU)

2012 Sketch up, Budapest, Körönd Gallery (HU)

2012 /13 Irene und Peter Ludwig scholarship exhibiton, Budapest (HU)

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