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— Ákos Ezer —

Curated by Gábor Rieder


Opening: 7 September 2018, 7 p.m.

On view: 8 September - 19 October 2018

The unmistakable, energetic, colorful and grotesque paintings by the young Ákos Ezer (b. 1989) represent a unique tone on the palette of the emerging new generation of the Hungarian art scene. His new exhibition ‘boom... crash... bang…’ features his latest works painted in 2018. In his variously sized paintings, which range in width from 25 centimeters to 2,5 meters, the centerpiece is the Fallen Man. In Ezer’s consistent painterly universe this fall is not a tragic and mythical one, like that of Icarus, but a burlesque-like, entertaining and grotesque misstep. His Fernand Léger-esque heroes are everyday figures, burly guys and lanky men who fall in a way that their twisted limbs arrange into a dynamic composition, filling out the rectangular surface of the canvas. The protagonists of Ezer's latest paintings have grown in size and started to faff around in a humorously hillbilly style of their own, demonstrating ordinary activities such as shaving, idle staring, or smoking.

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