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Béla Szilárdi - Sign of Order, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 120x130 cm
Sign of Order

acrylic on canvas 

120x130 cm 

Writing in fine arts appears primarily in the form of signs. Béla Szilárdi has been interested in written signs since the 1980s, which he has presented in several series. The meaning of his signs cannot be associated with a system based on rationality. Szilárdi has painted the signs intuitively, so a similar method is needed to "read" them.

In Szilárd's writing experiments, while the written lines seem arranged in a structure, the "doodle" appears. The basis of the experiment with virtual writing is the conscious modification of the background, which brings out the ancient and beautiful character of the doodle and preserves the origin of the gesture.

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