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—Crosstalk Video Art Festival—

Exhibited artists: 

Dániel Helyes, Tamás Marquetant, András Molnár, Tamás Páll, Iván Rohonyi-Demkó, Jelena Viskovic, David Přílučík (CZ), Ágnes Várnai – Tina Kult – Timi Strott (AT), Nimova Projeckt, Ultrabianka

On view: 9 November 2017, 7-10 pm

The Prequel to the 9th Edition of the Video Art Festival showcases the shift from digitally recorded videos to digitally crafted worlds through the works of various artists and indie producers. While video and photography is about 'framing' an already existing environment, computer-generated production works along a radically different ontology. It's digital renders are either superimposed on the given thus transforming what we perceive as reality (AR) or resorts to a blank space (games, VR) to create alternatives.

While immersive media has exploded on corporate terms, subversive practices extend them beyond commercial use. "Once designers step away from industrial production and the marketplace, we enter the realm of the unreal, the fictional".*

The show also unpacks the activity of a community of local artists whose works display a mode of production, aesthetic and countercultural stance that is related to high tech.

*Speculative Everything, Anthony Dunne-Fiona Raby
In co-operation with PAF

- Přehlídka filmové animace a současného umění

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