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Dániel Kármán 
(b. 1991)

Dániel Kármán was born in 1991 in Jászberény. He graduated from the University of Fine Arts in 2019, majoring in graphic art, in the class of István Madácsy. In 2020, he started to build a studio with Márton Gresa under the name Birdhouse, which has already hosted four exhibitions. As a creator, he is part of the experimental artist collective Birds of Cool, founded in 2022, which has since presented collaborative works in group exhibitions at two institutions, including Q Contemporary. 
His solo exhibition 2two was on view at BarabásiLab Showroom in 2022 and his work Interrealism was displayed at the Tornyai Museum in 2021. 
In 2023 he had his first solo show at Einspach Fine Art & Photography, entitled Every Morning.

The content of Dániel Kármán's paintings is a combination of past experiences and his personal vision of the present. His figurative works are deeply personal, lyrical works, about the nature of memories and passing away. His compositions reveal a delicate balance between digital design and manual execution on the one hand, and painting and printmaking on the other. The technical structure, although purely painterly, refers to the visual nature of rhizography and screen printing. His graphic thinking and vision is also reflected in the juxtaposition of different layers. The backgrounds of the images often show details extracted from old etchings.


2013 - 2019   Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Graphic Art Department

2010 - 2012   Óbuda School of Fine Arts, Painting Department



2021   Kultú special award

2021   Barcsay Prize

2019   Rudnay Gyula Art Scholarship

2019   Prize - XXXIV. OTDK, Art Section, Graphic Arts



2023   Every Morning, Einspach Fine Art & Photograpy, Budapest

2023   Instant Age - with Márton Gresa, Birdhouse, Budapest

2022   2two, BarabásiLab Showroom, Budapest

2021   INTRO - With Márton Gresa, BirdHouse, Budapest

2021   INTERREALISM, János Tornyai Museum, Hódmezővásárhely

2015   UNKNOWN AUTHOR - with Gergely Végvári, DEFO lab, Budapest


2023   Digital Pigment, Kepes Institute - Centre for Contemporary Art, Eger

2023   Summer Wine, Einspach Fine Art & Photograpy, Budapest

2023   LuppArt 2023, Einspach Fine Art & Photograpy, Budapest

2023   Gradus - Óbudai Társaskör Gallery, Budapest

2022   Art of 77 years, Kieselbach Gallery, Budapest

2022   Art - Craft - Design, Q Contemporary, Budapest

2022   New Mediation, Modem, Debrecen

2022   Birds of Cool, Q Contemporary, Budapest

2021   Barcsay Prize Winners, Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre

2020   Award-winning artists of the 66th Vásárhely Autumn Art Exhibition, Budapest

2020   Óbudai Cultural Centre, Budapest

2019   Hidden Narratives, B32, Budapest

2019   66th Vásárhely Autumn Exhibition, Alföld Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely 2019   SOCIAL PROJECTS, Csepel Gallery, Budapest

2019   AMADEUS - Fundamenta Amadeus competition, MKE, Budapest

2018   TÉRFÉL, MAMŰ Gallery, Feszty-ház, Budapest

2018   GRAPHICS NOW - Recent works 2018, Nádor Gallery, Pécs

2017   AMADEUS - Fundamenta Amadeus competition, MKE, Budapest

2017   T-minus group exhibition, Csongrádi Gallery, Csongrád

2016   PAKK_ART 3., Budapest

2016   ARE WE THERE YET? - T-minus group, MKE, Budapest


2015   BARCSAY'S SCHOOL, Fuga, Budapest

2015.  PAKK_ART 2nd - DEFO lab, Budapest

2014   PAKK_ART POP UP STORE 1, Higgs Field Gallery, Budapest

2014   VÁROS BOLTJA - Város Boltja, Budapest 23 - Komárom

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