Dorottya Szabó
(1975 - )

Dorottya Szabó lives and works in Budapest, first studying philosophy, then graduating from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (1996-2001). Following this, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and got a DLA degree at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. During her one and half decade of practice, she won multiple awards and scholarships (Derkovits Scholarship, DAAD Scholarship, Scholarship of Collegium Hungaricum Roma, main prize of Strabag Painting Award, Strabag SE Scholarhsip Vienna, Scholarship of Budapest Gallery), and several solo exhibitions (2017, Fészek Gallery; 2014, New Criterion Gallery, Csíkszereda; 2012, Crisis Fruits, VILTIN Gallery; GEDOK Künstlerrinnenforum, Karlsurhe; 2010, MONO Galéria 2007, MONO Galéria; STRABAG Kunstforum, Art Lounge, Bécs; 2006, City Gallery, Deák Collection, Székesfehérvár etc.). She lives and works in Budapest.


2012   Krizis Gyümölcsök, Viltin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 

2010   Hívóképek, MONO Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 

2010   Rufbilder, die Bank, der Fuchs, und das Gesicht, GEDOK 

           Künstlerinnenforum, Karlsruhe, Németország

2010   Common Denominator, Budapest Gallery's Exhibition Space

           Budapest, Hungary 

2007   Sablonpauszok, Fészek Múzeumklub, Budapest, Hungary

2006   Chandelier, Városi Képtár, Székesfehérvár, Hungary

2006   Flecksicher, STRABAG Kunstforum, Art Lounge, Vienna,



2012   Doyens, Middle Generation and Youth, Hungarian National  

           Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2012   Politechnique, VILTIN Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 

2011   La Nuova Europa–Giovani Artisti Ungheresi, Galleria Civica di 

           Palazzo Loffredo, Potenza, Olaszország

2010   "Canvases", VILTIN Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 

2008   Genesis / Opening exhibition, VILTIN Gallery, Budapest, 


2008   Portraits of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, FA Projects 

           Gallery, London, UK

2007   1-2-3 Collection in Focus, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary 

            Arts, Budapest, Hungary