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—Dorottya Szabó—

15-17 November 2017


In collaboration with FKSE, Art+Text Budapest presents a pop-up exhibition highlighting the work of Dorottya Szabó. These selected works, created in the past twelve years, exhibit the consistent and recurring motifs the artist evokes. From the antique chandelier and the capitolium wolf, through the laurel wreaths and the grid-like muster to the small children and the statue-like heads. Next to the mysterious, ivory-beige colored pictures a black-based, more dramatic group of artworks appear.


The exhibition is realized in collaboration with The Studio of Young Artists’ Association (FKSE), in the framework of the program FKSE+.

The distinctive character of Dorottya Szabó's dream-like art is formed by a pronounced paraph-like technique. Using templates drawn on tracing paper, she is perforating the outlines of the template, similar to how frescos were once created with preparatory cardboards. The paint is soaking through the holes from the tracing paper to the canvas, creating small blurry line of dots. The airy, random molds start the long and slow process of building the picture. Szabó uses more layers, sometimes "correcting" and sometimes "messing up" the first "too beautiful" looking results. "The accidental and the intended", she says, through this "teeming patches and blank surfaces give meaning to each other. The inspiring eventualities define and stimulate my next steps. The picture is slowly unfolding from the interference of painting and attention. What I pursue, is to collide my confusing experiences with something, that is generally applicable and which becomes clear through the intellectual process of work. I like it when, from a created visual construction an unforeseen vision rises, thus creating a new coherent unity."


Dorottya Szabó (b. 1975) lives and works in Budapest, first studying philosophy, then graduating from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (1996-2001). Following this, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and got a DLA degree at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. During her one and half decade of practice, she won multiple awards and scholarships (Derkovits Scholarship, DAAD Scholarship, Scholarship of Collegium Hungaricum Roma, main prize of Strabag Painting Award, Strabag SE Scholarhsip Vienna, Scholarship of Budapest Gallery), and several solo exhibitions (2017, Fészek Gallery; 2014, New Criterion Gallery, Csíkszereda; 2012, Crisis Fruits, VILTIN Gallery; GEDOK Künstlerrinnenforum, Karlsurhe; 2010, MONO Galéria 2007, MONO Galéria; STRABAG Kunstforum, Art Lounge, Bécs; 2006, City Gallery, Deák Collection, Székesfehérvár etc.). She lives and works in Budapest.

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