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Dr. János Szász - Pipes. 1970s, geltin silver print, vintage copy, 18x23.5 cm.jpg
Dr. János Szász (1925 - 2005)

gelatin silver print 

vintage copy

18 x 23.5 cm 

edition of 1/2

"Architektura from 1970 has the composition of a German expressionist film still and captures brutalist architecture — popular in the Eastern bloc — at its best. It is also an exquisite example of Szász’s highly syncopated dance between high-contrast palette and composition.

Shot at a vertiginous angle, a concrete stairwell takes on a majestic presence in blinding light and pitch black. The stairs, with tiny white squares and double-striped lines leading to the top, are cast under the building’s blocky shadow. At the top of the steps is a human silhouette, backlit in mid-motion. The construction dwarfs the figure, and the image captures a feeling of monolithic power."
                                                                                                                  San Francisco Examiner

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