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François Fiedler - Sans Titre 196x114 cm  (1990).jpg
FRANÇOIS FIEDLER (1921 - 2001)

oil on canvas 

114x195 cm

François Fiedler was interested in the process of painting, which allowed him to explore his own psyche. He considered “free association” important, so he built on spontaneity, which defined his entire painting process. Furthermore, the process was completed at an indefinite time. Similarities can be discovered between Jackson Pollock’s painting process. At his current work, the same “process” can be discovered as in the abstract expressionists painters from New York. Fiedler achieved the multi-dimensional and sculptural character by scraping, cutting, using trowels, stones and sand. 


“I entered the painting ... I felt the dramatic power. The pictorial energy of the canvas is enchanting. I felt the complete freedom of the rhythms. I recognized the duality in Pollock’s works - improvisation and precise interpretation at the same time."


François Fiedler

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