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9 - 13 October 2024

Tamás Soós

In the Spotlight section of Frieze Masters, Einspach Fine Art & Photography presents a selection from the rich oeuvre of Tamás Soós (1955), the greatest master of metaphysical Hungarian painting. In the 80s and 90s, Soós exhibited internationally – among others with Erwin Wurm and Yuko Shiraishi – and participated in the renowned New Sensibility group shows, representing the Eastern European ’trans-avantgarde’, curated by acclaimed art historian Lóránd Hegyi. Following decades of success, he retired from the public, opting for a more profound creative approach. The gallery aims to present this grandiose, yet somewhat forgotten oeuvre spanning over four decades, by showing the birth and development of his great motifs through early masterpieces from the 70s and 80s series, Zen Notes and Substances.

In these series of large-scale oil paintings – supplemented by amorphous shaped sculptures realised in various materials –, Soós combined the recent scientific findings of quantum physics with the ancient teachings of Zen masters, going against the materialism of scientific socialism, forming the foundation of the Hungarian People's Republic from the 50s. He was searching for what still gives his work its basic character: the answer to the question of the mysterious secrets of existence.

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