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Gábor Roskó - Caramel-Punch, 2003
GÁBOR ROSKÓ (1958 - )
Caramel - Punch

oil on panel

70x70 cm

Gábor Roskó's paintings rely on a wide range of art-historical and visual references such as fairy tale illustrations and Dadaist collages, the phantasmagorical figuration of Surrealism, the aggressive colour scheme of German Expressionism and Neue Wilde, the cartoonish, post-Pop figuration of Philip Guston, George Condo, Carroll Dunham or the Pictures generation, as well as the kitsch objects and images of modern mass culture. 

Ágnes Berecz: A Walk on the Wide Side: on Gábor Roskó's Paintings / Artmagazin, edition 3. 2005. English edition p. 29-31

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