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Gábor Fülöp 
(b. 1981)

In Nyíregyháza Art Vocational School, Balogh Géza was his teacher. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2008, majoring in sculpture, with Kő Pál and Gálhidy Péter as his mentors. In 2004, he received the Székely Bertalan Scholarship, followed by the Erasmus Scholarship in 2005. In 2006, he was awarded a scholarship from the Ludwig Foundation. Also in 2006, he won the Samu Géza Prize, and in 2007, he received the first prize in the sculpture competition of the Füvészkert.

Following his graduation, he immediately won the Derkovits Gyula Fine Arts Scholarship. In 2009, he received the KOGART Prize, and in 2012, he was granted a scholarship from the Hungarian Academy in Rome. He exhibited at the Műcsarnok for the first time in 2003 at the Plastica Dreams exhibition, and later participated in the 2015 (Here and Now) and 2020 (Free Play) fine arts salons. In 2013, he was featured in the MODEM Modern and Contemporary Art Center's exhibition "Deadly Nature" in Debrecen, and in 2019, he exhibited at the Hungarian National Gallery's "Living Collection" exhibition. He has exhibited abroad in various cities including Bologna (2011), Hong Kong (2011), Munich (2012), Shanghai (2012), Saint-Tropez (2013), Maribor (2014), and at the Hungarian Academy in Rome (2014).

His works can be found in numerous domestic and international collections. He lives and works in Budapest.

He mainly works with wood; he often paints and varnishes the surface; otherwise, he covers the surface with varied patterns, more biological than geometrical in nature. His main themes are the human figure and abstract concepts. Influences from Antony Gormley, Annemie Fontana, and Japanese lacquer techniques can be observed in his sculptures.


2000-2008 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Department of Plastic Arts Master: Pál Kő
1986-2000 Secondary School of Arts of Nyíregyháza, Department of Sculpture and Bronze-casting Master: Géza Balogh


2012 Hungarian Academy Rome Fellowship
2009 Kogart prize
2009 Derkovits Prize
2007 Public Art Competition, Füvészkert, I. Prize
2006 Samu Géza Prize
2006 Ludwig Prize
2005 Erasmus Fellowship
2004 Székely Bertalan Grant


2023 Symphony of shapes, Art Salon Contemporary, Budapest, Hungary
2022 Gabor Fulop, Bank Center, Budapest, Hungary
2021 Flora and Fauna, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary

2020 Coevals in quarantine, Kieselbach Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2020 Artonomy, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary

2019 Living Collection, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Hősök újra, Hegyvidék Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2018 Irokéz Collection, Duniczay-palace, Veszprém, Hungary

2018 Invisible presence, Museum Barcsay, Szentendre, Hungary

2017 Living Collection, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2017 Between sky and earth, Várkert Bazár, Budapest, Hungary

2016 Self-image, Latarka Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2016 Exhibition of Székely Bertalan Grant artists, Székely-Garden, Szada, Hungary

2015 Here and now, Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary

2014 Mundus vadit retro, Kibla Portal, Maribor, Slovenia

2014 Appena adesso..., Hungarian Academy Rome, Rome, Italy

2013 Jpb Art Gallery, Saint-Tropez, France

2013 Deathly Nature, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary

2012 Cui Bono, White Box, Munich, Germany
2012 Cui Bono, KOGART Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2011 ArtHk, International Art Fair, Hong Kong
2011 Water, acb Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2011 The end as a beginning, Ono Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, Italy
2011 Promenade No.5 Budapest, KOGART-House, Budapest, Hungary
2010 Atman, Irokéz Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary

2010 Exhibition of the Derkovits-prize, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary
2010 Exhibition of Kogart Contemporary Art Collection, KOGART House, Budapest, Hungary
2009 acb Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2009 Fresh 2009, KOGART-House, Budapest, Hungary
2009 Meditative, Party Gallery, Pécs, Hungary
2009 Parthenon-frieze Saloon, University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
2008 Galerie Elan, Mougins, France
2008 Villa Barabas, Budapest, Hungary
2007 Organic Forms, Művész Pince, Polish Institute, Budapest, Hungary
2006 Exhibition of Erasmus prize's students, Ostello Ricci, Macerata, Italy
2005 Exhibition of Kő Pál's students, Mátészalka, Hungary

2004 Festival Színhang, Tűzraktár, Budapest, Hungary
2003 Plastica Dreams, Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary


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