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Gábor Kerekes
(1945 - 2014)

The Balázs Béla Award-winning Gábor Kerekes (1945, Oberhart, Germany - 2014, Budapest) is known for his precision and experimental photography. He developed an interest in photography in 1971 when he was gifted a Voigtländer camera. In 1973, several years after completing his secondary education at the Kölcsey Grammar School in Budapest, he qualified as a professional photographer. Then, for a period of two years, he was a reporter for the Budapest Photographers’ Cooperative. From 1974  –1979 he was employed as a photographer by the Iron Industrial Research Institute. He worked as a photojournalist for Képes 7 from 1985 and for Képes Európa from 1990. He subsequently became a freelance photographer.

Kerekes founded or joined several major photography groups and workshops. In 1977, he became a founding member of the Studio of Young Photographers, serving as its art director from 1986. He joined the Association of Hungarian Photographers in 1980. In 1981, he became a member of the ‘Dokumentum’ group – with János Szerencsés, Antal Jokesz and János Vető. In 1995, he joined forces with György Stalter to found the ASA photo studio, where he has taught ever since. In 2005, he became a founding member of the +Műhely photography workshop. He regularly lectures and leads courses for the FotóFalu Projekt.

Kerekes held his first solo exhibition at the Ferencváros Cellar Exhibition Hall in Budapest in 1997. Since then, his works have featured in solo and group exhibitions in Hungary and elsewhere in Europe: Amsterdam, Arles, Berlin, Bonn, Bradford, Bratislava, Brescia, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Esslingen, Lausanne, London, Lyon, Milan, Nantes, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw and Zagreb. His photography has also been shown at prestigious exhibition halls in the United States: Denver, Kansas City, Massachusetts, New York and San Francisco. Articles about his work have been published in numerous catalogues and in professional journals and magazines.

Works by Kerekes may be found at the Galerie der Stadt (Esslingen), the Hungarian Museum of Photography (Kecskemét), the Musée de l'Élysée (Lausanne), the Museo Ken Damy (Brescia), the National Museum of Film, Television and Photography (Bradford) and in several private collections.


2016  Body, Fetish, Death, Art+Text Gallery, Budapest

2015  Zona, Artphoto Gallery, Budapest

2014  Stars and Science, Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto

2011  Modern Vision, Hungarian Photography Then and Now,

          Hotshoe Gallery, London, United Kingdom

          Mia Milano – Art Fair, by Gallery Nessim, Milano, Italy

          Serien, Gabor Kerekes in Galerie Hiltawsky, Berlin,Germany

          Zwischen Himmel und Erde, Galerie Fotoforum,Innsbruck,      


2010  Paris Photo, Ester Woederhoff Galerie, Paris, France

          Dubai Art Fair, Dubai /EA/

          Photon Galerija, Photomagic, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2009  Paris Salon – By Vintage Gallery, Paris, France

          Start, Strasbourg – By Nessim Gallery, Strasbourg, France

          Orientations, Raiffeisen Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2008  2 X New York, Nessim Galéria, Budapest, Hungary

          Observations, Hungaraian Museum of Photography,

          Kecskemét, Hungary

2007  Fly Off, Hungarian Studio Gallery, Hungary

          Fly Off, Nessim Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

          Early Works, Kerekes Gábor & Szilágyi Lenke, Vintage

          Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2006  Budapest Feeling, Miesiac Fotografii W Krakowie,

          Palac Goetza, Krakow, Poland

2005  Sense of Orientation, Hungarian House of Photography,           

          Budapest, Hungary

2004  Sense of Orientation, Gallery W.V. Zoetendaal, Amsterdam,        


          Fotofo 2004, Bratislava, Slovakia

          Gabor Kerekes, El Fracaso de la Ciencia, Galeria

          Contraluz, Pamplona, Spain

2003  Seventies-Eighties, Mai Manó House, Budapest, Hungary

2002  Obra Reciente – Gabor Kerekes, Galeria Spectrum Sotos,          


          Festival Internacional de Fotografia Huesca, Huesca, Spain

          Fiction/Science, Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2000  Paris Photo, Paris Salon, Piramid, Paris, France

          Fotofo 2000, Bratislava, Slovakia

          Le Sense de l’Orientations, Budapest Galéria, Budapest,            


1999  Made In Hungary, Museum Voor Fotografie, Antwerpen,


          Le Sense de l’Orientations, Pécs Galéria, Pécs, Hungary

1998  Zinc Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

1997  Gallery Robert Koch, San Francisco, USA

          Galerie Contretype, Bruxelles, Belgium

          Albumen Works, Bolt Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

1995  Observations, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary

          Vasarely Museum, Pécs, Hungary

          Bolt Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

1994  Le Parvis, Tarbes, France

1993  Museo Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy

          Museo Ken Damy, Milano, Italy

1992  Liget Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

1988  Mala Gallery, Warsawa, Poland

1985  Liget Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

1977  Pince Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

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