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Gergely Szatmári
(1966 - )


2020    ‘Gyógyír/Cure’, Capa Center, Budapest, Hungary
2019     ‘DongGang International Photofestival’, Donggang Museum,                 Seoul, S. Korea
2019     ‘Kisképző 240’ Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary
2018    ‘MOME 33’ Capa Center, Budapest, Hungary
2018    ‘Csöndesen’ BPF, Kiscelli Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary
2018    ‘Here is the city, we are its residents’ Budapest Projekt Gallery,               Budapest, Hungary
2017    ‘Private metropolises’ Latarka Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2017    ‘Képlet’ Budapesti street fotó, Kiscelli Museum, Budapest,                      Hungary
2017   ‘Szubjektum’ Budapest Photo Festival, Várkert Bazár,                              Budapest, Hungary
2017    Instant, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2016    ‘City (Velocity)’ DeMarkten Cultuurcentrum, Brussels, Belgium
2016    ‘Portrait:Photography’ Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA
2016    ‘Photo Speaks’, Art Space Gallery, SangMyung University,                      Seoul, South Korea
2016    ‘Portrait Salon’, The Reminders Stronghold Photography                         Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2016     ‘Tale of two cities’ Korea Foundation KF Gallery, Seoul,                          S.Korea
2015    ‘Industrialism II’ Dolphin Gallery, West Paterson, NJ. USA
2015    ‘A Tale of 2 cities’ Karton Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2015    ‘Palm Spring Fine Art fair’ Palm Spring, USA (Faur Gallery)
2014    ‘Miami Scope’ Miami, Fl. USA (Faur Gallery)
2014    ‘You lovely swans’ Faur Gallery, Budapest
2014    ‘Balaton/Budapest’ Hungarian Institute, Istambul, Turkey
2014    ‘SWAB Barcelona’ International Contemporary Art Fair,                          Barcelona, Spain
2014    ‘Artshow 2014’ Busan, Korea
2014    ‘Art14’ London, UK
2013    ‘Scope’ Miami Beach, Miami Fl, USA
2013    ‘Photolux Festival’ Lucca, Italy
2013    ‘SWAB Barcelona’ International Contemporary Art Fair,                           Barcelona, Spain
2013    ‘Industrialism’ Dolphin Gallery, 5th Paterson Artwalk, West                      Paterson, USA
2013    ‘MIA Art Fair’, Milano, Italy
2013    ‘No mans land’ Ph21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2012    ‘Zero visibility possible’ – Faur Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2012 ‘   Faster, higher, stronger’ – Hungarian National Gallery,                           Budapest, Hungary
2012    ‘Essays in Idleness’ – Ponton Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2011    ‘Meadowlands’ – Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2011    ‘Viennafair’ – Faur Zsófi Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2010    ‘Paris Photo’ – Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010    ‘Meadowlands’ – Karton Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010    ‘Contemporary Hungarian Photographers’ – Institute Hongrois              de Paris, France
2010    ‘Photomaniac’ – Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010    ‘Meadowlands’ – Submergedart Gallery, Newark, NJ, USA
2010    ‘Viennafair’ – Faur Zsófi Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2010    ‘Budapest Art Market’ – Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010    ‘Unterwegs’ with Klubfoto, Cap San Diego, Hamburg, Germany
2008    ‘Conventional’ – Hungarian Cultural Center, London, UK
2008    ‘Conventional’ – Ponton Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2008    ‘Private’ with Klubfoto, Museum des Arbait, Hamburg, Germany
2007    ‘Faulheit’ – Bipolar Project, Ponton Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2007    ‘Movie in photography’ Muzeul National da Arta, Cluj, Romania
2007    ‘Faulheit’ Bipolar Project – Kunstverein, Wolfsburg, Germany
2006    ‘Berühmt’ with Klubfoto – Gruner & Jahr, Hamburg, Germany
2006    ‘MOME Photography dep. show’ – Montclair State University,                 Montclair, NJ, USA

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