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Gergő Szinyova

1986 Budapest, Hungary

Gergő Szinyova at Art+Text Budapest:

Imaginary Viaduct

The Dys-Picture Generation


2005 - 2010 Hungarian University of Fine Arts. MKE, Budapest (HU)
2009 Aalto University, School of Art and Design (TAIK), Erasmus,  scholarship, 

Helsinki (FI) 
2001 - 2005 Secondary School of Visual Arts, Budapest (HU)


2016 TBA (solo show) forthcoming
2015 Unplugged (7 works), Anat Ebgi Gallery, Los Angeles, (US)
2013 LATE WORKS, Paksi Keptar, Paks (HU)
2012 Szinyova Gergo, Kisterem, Budapest (HU)


2016, Wangechi Mutu's studio, Brooklyn, New York, (US)
2016 Come As You Are, Annarumma Gallery, Naples, (IT)
2015 Everyone Has Right, ICA-D, Dunaújváros
2015 The Dys-Picture Generation, Art + Text, Budapest
2014 Absztrakt Valtozatok, Trapez, Budapest
2014 Listing III, Kisterem, Budapest
2014 BOOGIE WOOGIE, Trafo gallery, Budapest
2014 On The Production Line (Pop up exhibition of Flash Art (Hungary), PP Center,                Budapest
2013 B oldal, B55 gallery, Budapest
2012 SEJT, MODEM, Debrecen
2012 Listing (Selected Works from the Artists of the Gallery), Kisterem, Budapest
2012 Loop, Virag Judit gallery, Budapest
2012 Elkopott Objektumok, FUGA, Budapest
2012 B.C.#2.1, Beach London, London, (UK)
2012 B.C.#2, Mexico project space, Leeds, (UK)
        (one night exhibiton and zine presentation with Gabor Gerhes and Svatopluk                    Mikyta) Labor, Budapest
2011 GEOMIX 2.0, B55 gallery, Budapest
2011 Hungarian Beauty, Gozsdu-udvar, Budapest
2011 Papir Panorama, Virag Judit gallery, Budapest
2011 Te itt all / You stand here, public art project organised by Miskolc gallery,

2011 Face Control, ROHAM gallery, Budapest
2010 GANGBANG!, Budapest
2010 Konyvter, Labor, Budapest
2010 Contemporary drawing, Budapest
2009 I think sixteen hours a day before going to bed, Trafo gallery, Budapest
2009 Contemporary drawing, VICE gallery, Prague, (CZ)
2009 Contemporary drawing, Kasarne Kulturpark, Kosice (SK)


2016 Residency in Brooklyn (April to June), New York, US
2015 Los Angeles, US (private invitation of Stefan Simchowitz)
2014 Stockholm, SE (private invitation of Carl Kostyál)
2014 Los Angeles, US (private invitation of Stefan Simchowitz)


2014 LATE WORKS, Paksi Keptar, Paks


2014 LISTE, Art Fair Basel (solo booth), Represented by KISTEREM Gallery,

Basel (CH)
2013 Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
2012 Art Market Budapest, Budapest (HU)
2012 VIENNAFAIR (The New Contemporary), Vienna (AT)
2011 ZINE FAIR - 2nd One Day Independent Publishers and Fanzine Fair Vienna (Kunsthalle), Vienna (AT)


David Feher: "I don't stick to the boundaries of the picture,"
In conversation with Gergő Szinyova, Artlocator magazine (First issue), 2015
Nicola Trezzi: News, page 36 - 37, Flash Art, International Edition, No 297, 2014
Zita Sarvari: The Newest Geometry - Szinyova Gergo, page 36-39 (hu),

page 94 (en)
Flash Art (Hungarian issue), September - October, 2012


2012 B.C.#2, Published by B.C. (UK)
2012 UNTITLED 03, Published by Untitled Zine (BE)
2011 E (M) 01-11 / evenness (minus) 01-11 (self-published), Published by Kloro­ll (HU)
2011 The Past Doesn't Have To Control Your Future (self-published), (HU)

Published by Kaugummi (FR)

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