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György Stalter
(b. 1956)

Stalter György is a subjective documentary photographer who began taking photos during his student years at the Franciscan school in Esztergom. After completing his high school education, he obtained a vocational certificate in photography and worked as a photojournalist in the press. Starting in 1990, he worked as a freelance photographer. In 1995, he established his own photography studio and, in collaboration with Gábor Kerekes, taught photography for more than 20 years under the title "Art and Craft."

Together with his wife, Horváth M. Judit, he spent years photographing Gypsy settlements in Hungary and urban areas in Budapest that were evolving into ghetto-like neighborhoods. Their joint work led to the creation of the photo album "Más Világ" (Another World) in 1998, and the material was exhibited in various locations in Hungary, Europe and the USA.

For many years, he captured the vanishing microcosm of the eighth district of Budapest. In 2006, he won the Budapest Photography Grant from the Pro Urbis Foundation for his "Jó...Józsefváros" series in the MÚOSZ Press Photo competition. This project resulted in the publication of the book "Város a városban" (City within the City) in 2010. In 2011, he received the Moholy-Nagy Grant, allowing him to photograph the diverse Berlin-Neukölln district for three months. His photo album "Régi/Új képek" (Old/New Images) was published in 2019.

Stalter György has exhibited his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions, both in Hungary and abroad. He is a recipient of the Balogh Rudolf Award and a member of the Hungarian Association of Photographers.


2012      FUGA Budapesti Építészeti Központ

2012      Neukölln/Józsefváros - Budapest/Berlin 2007-2011

2011      Neukölln/Nyolcker Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

2010      Más Világ, Bukarest

2007      Más Világ San Sperate – Sardinia, Italy

2007      Más Világ Bielsko Biala – Poland

2007      Józsefváros Anzix - Mai Manó Galéria, Budapest      

2004      Kópia Fotógaléria, Budapest

2002      India, Vista Galéria, Budapest

2001      Another World - Vienna, Austria / Kaunas, Lithuania

              / Helsinki, Finland

2001      Regards Hongrois Paris, Paris, France

2000      Another World - Vígadó Galéria, Budapest

1980      Light Yard, 18 Népköztársaság útja, Budapest

1979      Community and Sports Centre, Szombathely, Hungary

1977      Young Artists' Club, Budapest


2023      Summer Wine - Einspach Fine Art & Photography, Budapest

2013      Analóg 21 magyar fotográfus a 20. századból, KOGART, Budapest

2012      Faust II., Budapest Galéria, Budapest

2012      Polaroid 65 Kecskemét/Esztergom/Budapest Kolta Galéria

2011      EYEWITNESS Royal Academy of Arts London, London, UK

2011      Budapest Pozitív, Mai Manó Ház, Budapest

2010      Forte Vác, Art Bázis, Vác, Hungary

2010      +Műhely, Budapest

2008      Die Vergessenen Europeaer, Köln Városi Múzeum, Cologne, Germany

2007      Other World San Sperate, Sardinia, Italy

2006      Dog's World Mai Manó Gallery, Budapest

2006      Selected Photos, Budapest Gallery, Budapest

2001      Regards Hongrois, Paris, France

1999      Sarah Mortland Gallery and the Hungarian Consulate,

              New York, USA

1994      Press Photo Museum of Etnography, Budapest

1993      "The world is a ladder" Museum of Etnography, Budapest

1987      Hungarian Photography '87, Műcsarnok, Budapest

1982      Second, Young Photographer's Studio Exhibition, Hungarian

              National Gallery, Budapest

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