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I Whisper to My Past, Do I have Another Choice

– Magdalena Abakanowicz, Marina Abramović, Orshi Drozdik Françoise Gilot, János Fajó, Ferenc Fiedler, Attila Glázer, Tibor Hajas, Katalin Hetey, András Koncz, Mira Makai, Zoltán Tombor, Grayson Perry, Erzébet Schaár, Tamás Soós, Ferenc Spangher, János Szerencsés, Zoltán, Vető János, Vilt Tibor, Z. Gács György –

28 May 2021  15 September 2021

The Einspach Fine Art & Photography opening exhibition holds unexpected fireworks of various artistic periods with the participation of real world stars. The most famous international representative of performance art, the Serbian-born Marina Abramović pays homage to Saint Theresa with her 2009 work, the daredevil of English conceptual art, Grayson Perry, appears with a painted vase and the world-famous grandmother of contemporary Polish sculpture, Magdalena Abakanowicz highlights the exhibition with two human-scaled, museum ranked embossed canvas figures. Moreover, the sparklingly eclectic material includes Katalin Hetey’s variable aluminium statue, György Z. Gács’s ceramic space structure from 1968, Orshi Drozdik’s expressive and massive canvases and János Fajó’s geometric compositions too. At the opener exhibition Einspach Fine Art & Photography – faithfully to the mission undertaken in its name – beside the photos of Tibor Hajas and János Vető You can see works from such contemporary photo artists like Zotán Tombor and Attila Glázer.

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