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Einspach Fine Art & Photography

1054 Budapest, Hungary

12. Hold Street



Gábor Einspach

Phone: + 36 20 935 9889


Opening Hours: 

Tuesday-Friday, between 2-6 pm

or by appointment

Please contact us for any further inquires.

After closing Art+Text Budapest and followed that by a two-year long resting period,
the founder of the gallery, Gábor Einspach, is coming back to the art market with a new exhibition place named Einspach Fine Art & Photography, opening in June 2021.

The gallery is located near to the Batthány Eternal Flame, on the ground floor of one of the finest palaces of Pest. The place brings a yet unknown, new quality to the Budapest gallery scene, with its own 5,5-meter inner height, its delicately renovated premises and with its enormous glass showcase facing the street. Moreover, with its exclusive furnishing where a precisely restored Lajos Kozma wardrobe gets along with the design icons of the 60s and a gothic Burgundy Madonna statue.

The business profile of Einspach Fine Art & Photography includes both the most significant Post-War artists and young contemporary creators, painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography too.

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