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JÁNOS FAJÓ (1937 - 2018)
Sliding III.

oil on wood

43 x 41 x 4.5 cm

Since the 1970s, Fajó created a painterly oeuvre that drew on the tradition of constructivist modernism and set new accents under the influence of Op Art and the decorative and colorful trends of the 1970s. He himself spoke of symbioses, for example when he used formal and color dynamics and rhythms in order to add exciting movement in great variations to geometrical and symmetrical forms. One might speak of solid statements about optically mobilized color-form relations. It is above all the visual irritations of Op Art and a greater awareness of Minimal Art that he playfully employs and perfects in his pictures and pictorial objects. Here, the transition from a play with color-form surfaces to reliefs and spatial objects seems a logical conclusion that opens up a large number of new opportunities for composition and modes of perception.

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