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Levente Bagossy 
(b. 1968)

Levente Bagossy is a poster and set designer for several theatres in Budapest and the countryside, as well as the designer-editor of the theatre magazine Ellenfény. His first sets were created for the former theatre of Pécs, but he also worked for theatres in Kecskemét, Szeged and Nyíregyháza. His best-known works are associated with the Katona József Theatre, the Örkény Theatre and the Radnóti Theatre in Budapest. In 1996, he won the Best Set Design Award at the National Theatre Festival for his set design for Leonce and Lena, in 1997 the Theatre Critics' Prize and in 2008 the Jászai Mari Prize. The sets for the Katona production of Ledarálnakeltűntem and the Radnóti production of Asztalizene have also won numerous awards. For many years, the artist has been creating his models not only for the theatre but also as independent artworks, combining the genres of set design and fine art in a unique way.


1996 - 1998 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Master of Graphic Design, Budapest

1995 - 1998 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Department of Costume Design, Budapest

1991 - 1996 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Graphic Design BA, Budapest

1983 - 1987 Secondary School of Art, Graphic Design, Pécs


2008 POSZT: Best Set Design (Asztalizene)

2007 Studio Theatre Festival - Best Set Design (Rijeka, Croatia)

2006 Kontakt Festival - Best Set Design (Torun, Poland)

2005 Theatre Critics' Award (Budapest)

2005 National Theatre Meeting, Pécs - Best Set Design (Ledarálnakeltűntem) 1996 Theatre Critics' Award, Budapest (Leonce and Lena)

1996 National Theatre Festival, Debrecen - Best Set Design (Leonce and Lena) 1996 Special Prize of the II. National Digital Graphic Biennale

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