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Miklós Erdély
(1928 – 1986)
Pácser Attila_Erdély Miklós társaságában_1985_zselatinos ezüst nagyítá


Miklós Erdély (1928–86) architect, artist, writer, poet, theorist, filmmaker, was an important catalyst on the unofficial Hungarian art scene during the 1960s, 70s and early 80s.

Hailed as “the father of the new Hungarian avantgarde”, Erdély was a charismatic personality, always provocative and often irritating, especially to the authorities. From 1975 until his death he ran three conceptionally and methodically related courses in art – Creativity Exercises (in 1975–76, together with Dóra Maurer and György Galántai), Fantasy Developing Exercises (FAFEJ) and Inter-Disciplinary- Thinking (Indigo) – which were conceived as experimental teaching studios or workshops drawing on avant-garde artistic processes, new theories of creativity, educational methods influenced by Eastern philosophical traditions and many other sources. By his own admission, one of the aims of his art pedagogical activity was to “create a milieu in which it might be worth working at all”. He regarded his students as the most suitable critics of his own works.


Erdély’s perspective on art is influenced by numerous factors. Such as highlighting the connection of sciences and art, the primacy of new as the most important aesthetic category, moreover the openness towards the old and new traditions and the demand to reinterpret these. 


1999      Erdély Miklós (1928–1986) életműkiállítás + 

              INDIGO, Műcsarnok, Budapest

1992      Miklós Erdély. Opere dagli anni '50 al 1986, G. Spicchi 

              dell'Est, Rome

1986      Erdély Miklós retrospective exhibition,

              Óbuda Gallery, Budapest

1985      Magdolna Csutak’s flat, Bécs (A)

1983      G. Arte Verso, Genova (I)

1981      Danger (environment), The IX. Cracow Meeting,

              Pawilon Wystawowy, Krakkó (Pl)

1980/1981 Stabilization (installation), G. Savremene Umjetnosti,

              Zágráb (C)

1980      Memory for the synod of Kalcedon(environment),

              Bercsényi Collegium, Budapest


1999      Global Conceptualism. Points of Origin 1950s–1980s, 

              Queens Museum of Art, New York

1998      First wave of the Hungarian Neo-avantgarde 1965-72,                                  Szombathelyi Képtár, Szombathely

1994      Eighties - Fine Art, Ernst Museum, Budapest

1992      Sixties. New tendencies in Hungarian Art, 

              Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

1989      Hommage à Iparterv I., Fészek Galéria, Budapest

1988      Hommage à Iparterv I., Fészek Galéria, Budapest

1986      Eklektika '85 Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

1985/1986 Contemporary Visual Art in Hungary, Glasgow,

              István Csók Gallery, Székesfehérvár (H)

1985      The nature, Pécsi Gallery, Pécs (H)

              Disc, Central Park, Budapest

              101 Object, Óbuda Gallery, Budapest

              4. B. der Europäischen Grafik, Baden-Baden (G)

1984      Newly painted, Ernst Museum, Budapest

              Orwell und die Gegenwart, Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts,

              Bécs (A)

              Hungary can be yours!, Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Budapest

1983      Avantgarde is dead, Bercsényi Collegium, Budapest

              Exhibition of Group INDIGO, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

              Film/Art, Budapest Gallery, Budapest

1982      III. Photo biennale in Esztergom, Esztergom (H)

1981      Line, Pécsi Gallery, Pécs (H)

              Tendencies 1970-1980 6., Hard and Soft, Óbuda Gallery,


1980      INDIGO - Aquarell, Bercsényi Collegium, Budapest

              Künstler aus Ungarn, Kunsthalle, Wilhelmshaven

              Prospekt 80/1., 6 magyar művész, M. van Hegendaagse

              Kunst, Gent (B)

1980/1982 Drawing, Pécsi Gallery, Pécs

1980      ’Iparterv’ 1968-1980

1980      Tendencies 1970-1980 1., Óbuda Gallery, Budapest

1979      Works and Words, De Appel, Fundatie Kunsthuis,

              Amszterdam (N)

              Photograms, Budapest

1978      East-Europian’s concrete and visual poetry, Van Gogh M.,

              Amszterdam, S'Hertogenbosch Modern M. (NL)

1976      Exposition - Photo/Art, Museum of Hatvany Lajos, Hatvan (H)

1976      Mobius (organized by Miklós Erdély), Fiatal Művészek Klubja,


1975/1976 Montage (organized by Miklós Erdély),

              Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Budapest

1974      Picture/Poem, Fiatal Művészek Klubja, Budapest

1973      ’Balatonboglári kápolnatárlat’, Balatonboglár

              (György Jovánovics, Péter Legéndy, János Major,

              György Pauer, Tamás Szentjóby) (H)

1972      Direct week, ’Balatonboglári kápolnatárlat’, Balatonboglár (H)

              st. Jauby - Jovanovics - Lakner - Miklós - Pauer - Tot,

              G. Foksal, Varsó (Pl)

1971      Paris Biennale, Párizs (F)

1970      R-exhibition, Budapest

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