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Mira Dalma Makai
(b. 1990)

Mira Makai Dalma, ceramic artist, belongs to the young artist generation that is started to reshape the form of the Hungarian art scene throughout the last couple of years. Makai’s organic statues resemble human organs or marine creatures and her thick, tangling organism-like ceramics put Makai’s works to a prominent and distinctive place among contemporary artists. As well, her works are part of private collections in Europe and have been exhibited nationally and internationally in Austria, Romania and Germany.

Makai experimented and tested out her own incineration technique and pigment use which combined end up creating vivid, dynamic, still smart, and elegant compositions. She also draws upon a variety of techniques, which she acquired from her studies in the printmaking department at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

Some words from the artist on inspiration and methodology:

"I collect inspiration for my latest sculptures from many places. I condense my favourite patterns I found during my virtual or real reflections into my work. Thus, it can happen that a character, basically from Chinese mythology, mixes with the language of the cartoon form and appears in rhyming colours with the world of current running shoe fashion. It gives me a lot of formal freedom that the use of these ingredients is often not pre-planned, often basically not even conscious, the fragments essentially mix spontaneously by me and meet each other in a given job. So, decoding the connections after the firing process is also a kind of game for me and carries the already mentioned surprise experience."


2011 - 2016 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Printmaking

2014 - 2015 Summer semester, Akademie der Bildenden Künste

                    München, Germany


2017  II. National Ceramics Quadriennal - creative scolarship

2015  Esterhazy Art  Prize

2014  Erasmus Scolarship

2014  Creative Scholarship for the Litograph workshop of Vác


Mira tumblr blog

Mira digital portfolio

Esterházy Prize

Visual Graphics Diploma


2020  Keramik und Grafik, Susan Boutwell Gallery, Munich

2018  Unseen Creatures, Art+Text Budapest, Budapest

2018  V4 Art Connects: Structures/ Illusions/ Interactions, Budapest

2017  Real Hungary, Collegium Hungaricum Wien, Austria

2017  Abstract Hungary, Künstlerhaus Halle für Kunst & Medien,

          Graz, Austria

2017  Graphic Triennal Miskolc- XXVII., Miskolc Gallery,

          Miskolc, Hungary

2017  II. National Ceramic Quadriennal, Modern Magyar Képtár,

          Pécs, Hungary

2016  4th Graphic Art Biennal of Szeklerland, MAGMA,

          Sepsiszentgyörgy, Romania

2016  Glaze and gut, solo with Adam Dallos, Art+Text Gallery,

          Budapest, Hungary

2016  Mermaids and Color Fields, A38, Budapest, Hungary

2016  Painting in the open air, Schloss Esterhazy, Eisenstadt, Austria

2016  Standing in front of objects, Erika Deak Gallery,

          Budapest, Hungary

2015  Esterhazy Art Award 2015, Hungarian National Museum,

          Budapest, Hungary

2015  Mindeközben, Partizan, Budapest, Hungary

2015  Jahresausstellung, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München,

          Munich, Germany

2014  3rd Graphic Art Biennal of Szeklerland, MAGMA,

          Sepsiszentgyörgy, Romania

2014  The Idol is falling!, Partizan, PPCenter Budapest, Hungary

2014  Graphic Triennal Miskolc- XXVI., Miskolc Gallery,

          Miskolc, Hungary

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