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Mira Dalma Makai –

Curator: Gábor Rieder

On view: 15 November - 21 December 2018

Art+Text Budapest is delighted to present the first solo show of Mira Dalma Makai at the gallery. The exhibition, titled Unseen Creatures, is the continuation and completion of Glaze and Gut, an exhibition with Ádám Dallos realised two years ago.


Mira Dalma Makai (1990, Budapest), the youngest representative of a new abstraction exploiting the associative fields of organic non-figuration, is well-versed in painting, graphic arts, as well as the creation of ceramic objects. In the past years her wide-ranging interests in genres have shifted toward ceramics and have been materialised in life-sized dimensions. This change in scale resulted, on one hand, from the relocation of the creative space from the city and the simultaneous expansion of spatial opportunities. On the other hand, it was the sudden realisation the artist has come to when watching a Hungarian documentary movie from the 90s: at that time the achievements of Hungarian informaticians were akin to those of the world-leading computer science company, IBM, because „they had no idea, that this was nearly impossible”.

Mira Dalma Makai started to push her own boundaries in this spirit too. It was her objective from the beginning to make her sculptures „visible”. The amorphic bodies shaped into dense, robust forms, and the growing columns with their folds and creases preserve the power exerted in their making. A distinct category is composed by the organic fields sprawling horizontally which create a sense of movement with their dynamic, current-like layout.

The abstract forms resembling magnified microorganisms, arteries, corals, guts and jewels are covered with a vividly coloured glaze, thereby aestheticizing the fossilised natural motifs which are fired on 1200 °C.

In the new series the significant increase in scale is accompanied by the appearance of installations comprising multiple – generally two or four – parts. Unseen Creatures presents a selection of ceramics made in the past years.

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