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Adam and Eve 


oil on canvas 

185x157 cm & 185x137 cm 

"As most of my works has personal references, this one has, too: I painted Patrick (the artist's partner Patrick McGrath) Adam immersed in his books and words - men’s words -and myself as Eve, fully aware of the sex industry where women’s bodies were abused “as objects of desire—with touch”. (The dancer’s body could be touched in Harmony.) Patrick is as Adam in the Paradise of books, with words of Adam, and I am as Eve in Hell, closely witnessing the abuse of women. I painted Eve as my own flesh forged into dark steel, holding a round mirror with my legs, showing the misery of the world: “the vagina”, from which we are all coming."

Orshi Drozdik, New York, 11 June 2021 

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