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7 - 10 November 2024

Tamas Dezsö

The subject of Tamás Dezső's works is human and non-human, plant identity, as well as man's relationship to the environment, to nature, i.e. to the non-human. Through a variety of art forms and media - including photographs, sculptures, kinetic works, installations - and with a strong theoretical background and research, he formulates the questions and problems that the ecological crisis, the impending climate catastrophe, i.e. our Anthropocene age raises very sharply. Each of his works is a problematisation, which takes shape through the sensual image or reality of an Azorean forest, a hedge or pine tree hundreds of years old, the world's smallest insect, a piece of a 4.5 billion year old meteorite, 19th century engravings or even metronomes. Dezső's works show the end of man's planetary domination, man's blindness to everything that is not him, and the essentially unknown, silent world of the non-human world, of nature, plants, insects, animals, trying to make them speak. The artist explores the traces in man that connect him to the environment, to the plant identity, proving that our species is not superior, but only one among the organic and inorganic beings of the world.


György Cséka

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