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Sándor Molnár
(1936 - 2022)
Molnár Sándor_2016_fotó_Lajta Gábor.jpg

Photography: Lajta Gábor

born in Sajólád, Hungary

Began his studies at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 1955. His Studio at the Academy was the scene of friendly get-togethers and intellectual workshops from 1958 on. In 1962 the collective thinking in Zugló, thus the name the "Zugló circle". The widening group continued regular self-training: collected, translated and argued through texts, and looked up the masters of the Hungarian avant-garde. He painted his first abstracts around 1956, which is when he came to know the Buddhust teachings and yoga. He wrote his theoretical and methodological treatise entitled Analysis of the elements of Painting in 1962. He met the philosopher Béla Hamvas, who had a powerful influence upon his art and perceptions in the beginning of the sixties. He made contact with Jean Bazin, whose lyrical, abstract style effected him in 1965 in Paris. He worked out his painting-yoga theory in 1966: it describes art, the relationship of reality and creation, the stations through which the ability to create is freed with the help of principles and terminology that belong to alchemy and yoga. He was guest lecturer in Nîmes in 1986. He is a teacher at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts since 1990.

1955–61 Hungarian University of Fine Arts. MKE, Budapest (HU)


1992  Munkácsy Prize

2005  Kossuth Prize

2014  Day of the Hungarian Painting - Lifetime Achievement Award


1966    Mednyánszky Hall, Budapest

1968    Spotless Space, KFKI Club, Budapest

1969    Sándor Molnár and Gyula Konkoly's exhibition, KFKI Club,


1976    Hajdúszoboszlói Gallery, Hajdúszoboszló

            Józsefvárosi Exhibition hall, Budapest

1981    Retrospective Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest

1984    Sándor Molnár and Tibor's Helényi exhibition, Salamon Tower,


1986    Drawing exhibition, Óbuda Gallery  – Institute Francaise,


            Retrospective Exhibition, Szombathely Gallery, Szombathely

1990    Sculpture exhibition, Culture Center of Óbuda, Budapest

1991    Portaits No. 5 Gallery, Budapest

1993    Óbudai Társaskör, Gallery, Budapest

1994    Fire Pictures, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

            L'esposizione del pittore Sándor Molnár, Római Magyar

            Hungarian Academy, Rome

1997–98 Retrospective Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest

1998    Szinyei Salon, Budapest

2002    Pelikán Gallery, Székesfehérvár

2003    Crystal Pictures, 1994–2002, Ernst Museum, Budapest

2005    Stages of Boundlessness Drawings and Aquarelles,

            Szinyei Salon, Budapest

2006    Sunjata (Emptiness), Budapest Gallery, Budapest

2007    Kieselbach Gallery and Auction House, Budapest

2008    Works on paper, Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts, Budapest

2010    Molnár Sándor: „Sunjata” – Empty Pictures (2007–2009) and 

            early  works (1956–1974), MissionArt Gallery, Budapest

2013    Early paper works 1958–1978, MissionArt Gallery, Budapest

2016    [ śūnyatā ] – Sándor Molnár's Circles, Art+Text

            Budapest Gallery, Budapest

2016    Emptiness, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

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