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TAMÁS JOVANOVICS (1974-) Why is My Brian Chasing My Brain?  2021
Why is My Brian Chasing My Brain? 

acrylic on fiberboard

2 panels, each 160 x 80 cm

"Dig trough your way, I like to see this digging trough in a painting, and at the same time, I still want the painting to create a metaphysical space within the real space, a floating something, disobedient to gravity. I want to see Minimalism, but an exuberant, overwhelming Minimalism when I am painting."

Extract from 'Esther Stocker / Tamás Jovanovics - Entering the Mess. A Dialogue about the messy side of Minimalism' 

            Tamás Jovanovics: The Eternal Dilemma of Abstraction

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