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Tamás Soós
(b. 1955)

born in Budapest, Hungary


Tamás Soós’s art grows in an organic manner defying single-word definitions. The artists has a variety of different series of works related to his main topic: melancholy. However, in 2008 he aims to expand his oeuvre and he begins to experiment with a new, grid-like visual scheme. This accommodated a range of works: cross shaped paintings invoking the radicalism of Suprematism (The Melancholy of Order); timeless realist portraits floating in homogenous spaces (Realistic Melancholy); colourful abstract line-tangles written on white paper (Line of Existence); and earlier pieces, dating from different periods in the 80s – from the first works on paper conjuring up abstract jungles (Substance), through post-modern compositions of new painting (Mythology), to projections of inner landscapes billowing with ghostly lights (Metaphysical landscapes).


1980-1985 Hungarian University of Applied Arts


1985  Award of Studio of Young Artists' Association
1986  Prize of the III. National Drawing Biennale, Salgótarján
1987  XXII. Internationale Malerwochen in der Steiermark, Graz
1987  Derkovits Prize, Hungary
1988  IV. Internationale Triennale der Zeichnung, Nürnberg
1991  ARTEST - Stipendiat im Künstlerhaus Boswil, Switzerland
1994  Hungarian Academy in Rome, Rome
1998  Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
2002  Sirius Art Centre, Cobh, Ireland
2005  Zuger Kulturstiftung, Zug, Switzerland
2008  Alte Schmiede Kunstverein, Wien


Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest
Kiscell Museum - Municipal Gallery, Budapest
King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár
Jannus Pannonius Museum, Pécs
Contemporary Collection, Paks
Győr Gallery, Győr
Unilever, Budapest
Hypo-Bank, Budapest
Raiffeisen Bank, Budapest
Four Seasons Hotel, Budapest
Neue Galerie der Stadt, Linz
Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz
Albertina, Wien
Galerie der Stadt Wels
Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen
Kupferstich- Kabinet, der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen, Dresden
Moderna Galerija, Skopje
Collection Fellbach
KIASMA, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
Kleist Museum, Frankfurt/Oder
Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork
Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz
Embassy of Hungary, Washington


2024   De l'esprit - Early works, Einspach Fine Art & Photography,                           Budapest (HU)

2019   Melancholy, Maksla XO Gallery, Riga (LV)

2018   Praefiguratio, Art+Text Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2018   A place for reflection, FUGA, Budapest (HU)

2017   In the Shadows, Fészek Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2013   News, A38 Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2010   Small Pictures, Fordítóház, Balatonfüred (HU)

2009   Melancholia, Fészek Gallery, Budapest (HU)
2009   The gaze of Melancholia, Budapest Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2006   Realistic Melancholia, Haworth Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2005   Monochrome Fragmante, Maria Opferung, Zug (CH)

2004   Nomad Project, Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art,                 Budapest (HU)

2004   Realistic Melancholia, Fészek Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2002   Lithographs, Raiffeisen Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2001   Realistic Melancholia, Fészek Gallery, Budapest (HU)
2001   Next Gallery, Leiden (NL)

1999   Hungarian Consulate, New York (US)
1999   Institut Hongrois, Paris (FR)

1998   Yuko Shiraishi - Soós Tamás, Ernst Museum, Budapest (HU)
1998   Sai Gallery Alexie, New York, Budapest (HU)
1998   Institut Francais, Budapest (HU)

1997   Realistic Melancholia/Get Geist, Fészek Gallery, Budapest (HU)

1996   Baroque Melancholia, Kiscell Museum - Municipal Gallery, Budapest             (HU)

1995   Baroque Melancholia, Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary               Art, Budapest (HU)

1995   Hungarian Institute, Helsinki (FI)

1995   Galeria Justus, Kannus (FI)

1994   Pandora Gallery, Budapest (HU)

1993   Pro Helvetia, Budapest (HU)

1992   Melancholia, Fészek Gallery (HU)

1991   Barock Melancholie, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (CH)
1991   Melancholie, Galerie der Stadt Wels (AT)

1989   Soós Tamás - Erwin Wurm, Dorottya Gallery, Budapest (HU)

1988   Metaphysische Landschaft, Galerie Eremitage, Berlin (DE)

1987   Alte Gefühle, Galerie Knoll, Wien (AT)

1986   Hannibal, IH Gallery, Székesfehérvár (HU)

1985   Mitology, Liget Gallery, Budapest (HU)


2023    Summer Wine, Einspach Fine Art & Photography, Budapest (HU)

2018    Viennacontemporary 2018, Vienna (AT)

2018    Paper Space, Horizont Gallery, Budapest (HU)

2010    INTERVENTIONS, Lukács Archive, Budapest (HU)               
2010    Locked in the seven towers, Melancholy in modern art, 
MODEM,                  Debrecen (HU)

2009    Hommage El Kazovszkij, Várfok Gallery, XO Hall, Budapest (HU)
2009    Coup d'oeil, Selection from the collection of István Hoffman, Institut              Francais, Budapest (HU)
2009    Austrian-Hungarian Selection, from the Contemporary Collection of              Péter Szép, István Csók Gallery, Székesfehérvár (HU)
2009    Tolerance in Art, Danubiana, Meulensteen Art Museum, 
Pozsony                  (SK)
2009    Péter Szép Collection, Hungarian Institute, Stuttgart (DE)
2009    Akzent Ungarn, Neue Galerie Graz am Landesmuseum 
Joanneum,              Graz (AT)
2009    Das grosse Kunststück. Zeitgenössische Kunst aus der 
Sammlung              Péter Szép (DE)
2009    Vision Trinitatis – Forum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Annaberg bei                  Chemnitz (DE)

2008    Zeitgenössiche Kunst Ungarn-Niederösterreich, Lilienfeld (AT)

2008    SpaceForce, Kunsthalle, Millenium Park, Budapest (HU)

2008    Goldene Schüsse, Zeitgenössiche Kunst aus der Sammlung Péter               Szép, Collegium Hungaricum, Wien (AT)

2007    Hungarian Art, Expressionistic Tendencies in Hungarian

            Contemporary Art 1980-2007,
            Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Pozsony (SK)

2007    Collection of Zsolt Somlói and Katalin Spengler,
           “Horror vacui” art from 1968 to the present, Vízivárosi Gallery,

            Budapest (HU)
2007    Expressionist Phenomena in Contemporary Hungarian Art, 1980-                  2007
            Municipal Art Museum Gallery, Győr (HU)
2007    ARTINACT, Paks Gallery, Paks (HU)

2006    Hommage á Mulasics, Várfok Gallery, XO hall, Budapest (HU)

2006    Skulpturen, Plastiken, Objekte, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz (AT)

2005    Contemporary Art in the Basement, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz (AT)

2005    Pisctures, Sculptures, Kiscell Museum - Municipal Gallery,                            Budapest (HU)

2004    Future Vision, Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin (DE)
2004    Contemporary Hungarian Art, Embassy of the Republic
 of Hungary,              Washington (US)

2003    Future Vision, Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc, Kecskeméti Képtár,                          Kecskemét (HU)

2002    Future Vision, Ernst Museum, MEO, Budapest (HU)
2002    New Acquisitions,
King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár (HU)
2002    A selection from the Raiffeisen Bank collection, 
Raiffeisen Gallery,                Budapest (HU)
2002    Future Vision, Szombathely Gallery, Szombathely (HU)
2002    Janos Xantus Museum, Győr (HU)
            Hungaarse Kunstenaars in Leiden, Centrum Beeldende

            Kunst, Leiden (NL)

2001    Sculpture from Here and Beyond, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)

2001    Zeitbrücke, Ungarische Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts, Museum.                      Moderner Kunst, Stiftung Wörlen, Passau (DE)

2000    Into the New Millennium with Art, City Park Lake, Budapest (HU)

2000    Dialogue, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)

1999    Metal Mark, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)
1999    Salon '99, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (CH)
1999    Ungarische Künstler, Gallerie Hellhof, Kronberg
1999    Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Ungarn, Galerie der Stadt Fellbach,

            Fellbach (DE)

1998    Aus dem Archiv Ankaufe, 1990 – 1997, Galerie der stadt Wels,

            Wels (AT)
1998    Newly Acquired and Long-Unseen Works,
King St. Stephen                          Museum, Székesfehérvár (HU)
1998    Sammlung Zeitgenössicher ungarischer Maler, Stiftung                                  International Kinderrettungsdienst, Coutts Bank, Wien (AT)
1998    Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Ungarn, Donaueschingen (DE)

1997    Pandora Gallery, Hungarian Consulate, New York (US)

1997    Generations, Ernst Museum, Budapest (HU)

1997    NGYSZ, Contemporary Art Collection, British Embassy,                                Budapest (HU)

1997    White Flags, Knoll Gallery, Budapest (HU)

1997    Oil, canvas / Contemporary Hungarian Painting, Kunsthalle,                          Budapest (HU)

1996    A selection of the material of Artaria Foundation, Museum of Fine                  Arts, Budapest (HU)

1996    Art Cologne, Pandora Gallery, Köln (DE)

1995    Contemporary Hungarian Sculpture, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)

1995    Contemporary Hungarian artists in the graphic art collection of the                Albertina, Budapest Gallery, Budapest (HU)

1994    Artisti dell Accadamia d'Ungheria, Roma (IT)

1993    Free Worlds, Metaphor and Realities in Contemporary Art, Musée.                d'Art Contemporain, Montreal (CA)

1992    Sotheby's Auction, Budapest (HU)

1991    Metaphor, Kennesaw State Collage, Marietta, Georgia
            Free Worlds, Metaphor and Realities in Contemporary

            Hungarian Art, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (CA)

1990    Contemporary Hungarian Art, Cultural Center, Southampton     

            Der Prix “Ars Electronica”, Internationales Kompendium der                          Computerkünstler, Linz (AT)

1989    Kunst Heute in Ungarn, Neue Galerie-Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen                (DE)

1988    Madarske vytvarne umeni XX. Stoleti, Narodni Galerie v Práze,

            Mestská Knihovná, Praha (CZ)
1988    Contacts: Fonticoli, Fraterno, Fehér, Soós, Vigadó Gallery,

            Budapest (HU)

1988    IV. Internationale Triennale der Zeichnung, Kunsthalle,

            Nürnberg (DE)
1988    Budapest '88, 8 Ungarische Maler, Galerie Knoll, Wien, Arti

            at Amitiae, Amsterdam (NL)
1988    Neue Galerie der Stadt, Linz (AT)
1988    Philips Auction, London (GB)
1988    Exhibition of the Studio of Young Artists, Manyezs, Moscow (RU)

1987    Neue Sensibilitat – Ungarische Malerei der 80-er Jahre, Galerie der              Esslingen, Villa Merkel (DE)
1987    Austellungshalle, Westfalenpark, Dortmund (DE)

1987    Zeitgenössische bildende Kunst aus Ungarn, Galerie der Künstler,                München (DE)
1987    Vecchi sentimenti, Quatro artisti ungheres, Bibliotheca 
Comunale,                Tuscania (IT)
1987    Mythen aus Ungarn, Galerie Landeskulturcentrum 
Ursulienhof,                    Linz (AT)
1987    Christie's Auction, Amsterdam (NL)
1987    Internationale Malerwochen in der Steiermark, Neue Galerie am                  Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz (AT)

1986    Eklektika 85, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest (HU)
1985    Peintres Contemporains Hongrois, Paris (FR)

1985    Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux (FR)

1985    Drei Generationen ungarischer Künstler, Neue Galerie

            am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz (AT)
1985    Snapshot, Three generations of Hungarian painters,

            Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU)
1985    Hungarian Painters, Gallery Route One, University of California,                    Los Angeles (US)

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