Curated by Gábor Rieder
Opening Speech: Gábor Kopek
Exhibition On View: 21 September 2021 - October 29, 2021

Zoltán Tombor examines the membranes which protect our life. In his works, he touches and ruptures these. But not actively, only just as an observer, as the many synthetic epidermises produced during civilization — be its faux leather upholstery, sock heels, rubber boots, or raincoat — all protect only for a limited period, the tension hardens the surface: wears, cracks, tears, and breaks. And Tombor stands calmly with his camera to document the existence and non-existence of the protective cover. Somewhere halfway between ordinary metaphors and the reality set in the studio. - excerpt from the Curatorial Statement by Gábor Rieder


Zoltán Tombor (1973) lives and works in Budapest. A self-taught photographer, he learnt the essentials in his teens, and has been a professional since 1995. Starting his career in Hungary, in 2003 he moved to Milan, working mostly on fashion and portrait commissions. In 2011 he relocated to New York City, photographing fashion for major magazines. In 2015 he launched his own annual publication, Supernation, which features his fashion and documentarian series. He is a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers, the Hungarian Press Association, the International Centre of Photography, New York, and the Professional Photographers of America. His most recent exhibition in Hungary, Light Therapy, was on view at the Hungarian House of Photography, in Fall of 2021.