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Zsófia Keresztes
1985 Budapest, Hungary

Zsófia Keresztes at Art+Text Budapest:

The Dys-Picture Generation


2004-2010 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
2009 Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Helsinki
2000-2004 Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts, Budapest

2015 Visegrad Fund AIR Program (with Botond Keresztesi), at Banska St a Nica, Banská Štiavnica (SK)
2009 Erasmus, Helsinki (FI)

2012 Studio of Young Artists Association


2015 You dreamt with straight lines, I did with curves, which had acid shadows (with George Crîngaşu, Jaakko Pallasvuo), Trafó Gallery, Budapest
2015 The Dys-Picture Generation (with Adran Kiss, Gergő Szinyova, Ádám Ulbert), Art+Text Budapest
2012 Opened space- Closed space, with Pista Horror, LABOR, Budapest
2011 Le Vecteur, Charleroi (BE)
2011 Trap, Lollipop Factory, Budapest
2010 Telep, Budapest


2015 On Paper II., Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest
2015 #vaporfolk #hollyvoodoo. Sponsored by Amazon Readymades., Lust Gallery,                  Wien
2015 Cat Cot Dot Dog, Art Quarter Budapest
2015 Much Ado About Nothing, Omniwore Gallery, Budapest
2014 Open Studios and Exhibition, Kunststiftung Baden Württemberg, Stuttgart
2014 Art Market, Budapest
2014 Szabadidő, Exhibition of Csakoda Group, Istitute of Contemporary Art,                            Dunaújváros
2014 Don't Forget to Be Carefree, Design Terminal, Budapest
2014 Park Fiction, Bunker Gallery, Budapest
2013 Art Market, whith Chimera Project, Budapest
2013 Extension, Chimera Project, Budapest
2013 Subjective Objects, Latarka, Polish Institute, Budapest
2013 Fire: Walk With Me! Studio Gallery, Budapest
2013 X-Ray Texture Pack, Galerie Ulrike Hrobsky, Wien
2013 ArtPlacc, Tihany
2013 Dark Operetta, Flash Art Pop-Up Exhibition, Budapest 
2013 Children of Shadow, Casati Art Corner Gallery, Budapest
2013 28/31, Studio Gallery, Budapest
2012 Organs and Extasy, Central Slovakian Gallery, Banská Bystrica (SK)
2012 Gender Pool, Defo Labor, Budapest
2012 Nextart Gallery, Budapest
2011 Versus, Merlin Theater, Budapest
2010 DECADENCE NOW! Visions of Excess, Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague (CZ)
2010 Art Market, Budapest
2010 Subjective Budapest Maps, Gallery Centralis, Budapest
2010 Diploma Exhibition, Barcsay Hall, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
2010 Roham 3D, Gallery Roham, Budapest
2009 Ryijy?, Cable Factory, Helsinki (FI)
2008 Diagnosis, M?-Vész pince, Budapest
2006 POSZT V., Pécs


Philosophy Magazine N°2/ 2013, page 81-89
Balkon Magazine 2014/10 inside cover
Flash Art (Hungarian Edition) March-April / 2013, page 38-41
Műút December /2012, page 40, 50
Octogon Magazine 2.-3. /2011, page 197-198
Roham Magazine Autumn /2008, page 59-63

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