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Exhibition: 10 September, 2016 — 30 September, 2016

Art+Text Budapest presents the latest series of works by the painter Zsolt Bodoni, who studied in Budapest (HUN) and lives in Oradea (ROM). The series inspired by the photofilm The First Room (2015–2016), which he made in 2015 at Elesd Art Colony returning to his childhood's emblematic place, the classroom. In his earlier paintings in acrylic he represented photos of gymnasts popular in mass sport events under different totalitarian regimes, transplanted into his imaginary pictorial scenes.

In his video, made from animated photo stills,  he summoned this same world of encoded violence and sexuality by way of theatricalprops, costumes and a background with projected images.

The six-minute-long animation was composed to minimalist experimental music, and recalls the photo documentation of Japanese neoavantgarde happenings in the 60`s and the mythical world of the performances of the 80`s mixed with the pictorial motifs of totalitarian gymnastics and Hungarian folk tales. The next group of objects, the F series 2016, issued from this motion picture world. Bodoni took to  the third dimension to form animal and human statues made of composite aluminium stripes.

The objects are made of second-hand materials, industrial waste, different items found at flea markets. Bodoni works with the garbage flowing from the West to the East: filthy stuffed animals, vacuum cleaner tubes, mannequins, and skulls. New paintings in acrylic arose from the scenes of the movie: huge canvases with performers in the middle, as well as small scale acrylic paintings on draperies used as stage design elements. The exhibition creates a metaphoric forest with waste animals, folk-tale creatures hanging from the ceiling and performers dancing in the classroom.

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