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Zsolt Bodoni - White dog, 2017
ZSOLT BODONI (1975 - )
White Dog 

acrylic on canvas

225x200 cm 

Zsolt Bodoni's mode of expression is expressive figurative painting. His large-scale canvases are at the intersection of his personal history: weird, desolate locations inhabited by people whose presence is not always clearly decipherable. We do not see ordinary stories but a twisted, displaced abstraction of their meaning. Besides the occasionally deep realism of the world depicted, puzzling abstract details figure on his canvas. It is not a structured world but a special symbiosis of painting and reality. The plot does not carry a narrative function. Figurative elements are torn out of their original context. The forms depicted amidst peeling layers are puzzling and enigmatic, but there for life indirectly, uncertainly, unpredictively. Bodies estranged from their environment, and themselves step out of the determinedness of time and place—the Eastern-European past. 

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