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—Adrian Kiss—

Concept, installation, video, photo, objects: Anna Ádám

Performance: Gray Box

Artists: Szabina Almási, Zsuzsa Bakonyi, Orsi Fodor, Mátyás Major, Gyuri Molnár, Roland Korponovics, Réka Pável, Laura Songoro

Clothing: Gray Box with Zita Csabai, Dávid Faidt, Endre Fazekas, Nóra Gulicska, Abigail Wirth

Outfit: Anna Ádám, Abigail Wirth

Make up: Fruzsina Magyari

Curated by Gábor Rieder


Opening: 4 July 2017, 6 pm

On view: 5-31 July 2017

Art+Text Budapest is pleased to present anthropots, the first solo exhibition at our gallery by the emerging, young artist Adrian Kiss. 


In Kiss’ hybrid, site-specific installations, human scale and industrial approach, hi-tech, automotive aesthetics and handcrafted ceramics are combined in a unique way, establishing a new, complex network that makes connections between human likeness (anthropo-) and fired pots.

Graduated in London, now living and working in Budapest, Adrian Kiss (b. 1990, Miercurea-Ciuc, Romania) is known as one of the most promising young talents of Hungarian installation art. The artist’s large-scale installation was featured in Dys-Picture Generation, the inaugural group show of Art+Text Budapest in 2015 – both Sylvania, composed of laminated boards and light tubes; and the organic, diptych-like work made of quilted leather received special attention. Presenting his latest works, the exhibition anthropots demonstrates that the artist has been staying on this path ever since. Kiss creates hybrid objects with eroticized body orifices on their surfaces by combining archaic and modern technologies through various materials. As if these ‘totems’ would be made of stone-age ceramics, synthetic fabrics and curved iron bars, belonging to a futuristic parallel universe.

The event is marked by the project dreams are my reality by Gray Box, an interdisciplinary, multisensory and experience-based site-specific installation and interactive performance.



Gray Box is an artist collective founded in 2014 by the Franco-Hungarian visual- and performance artist Anna Ádám. Based on interdisciplinary, research-based collaborations, and collective creative process, the company creates instruction- and experience-based projects on the intersection of visual arts, performance, and fashion. The site-specific installation will be on view in the gallery's Rococo Hall after the opening

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