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—Dániel Bernáth—

Exhibition: 21-22 November, 2016

Dániel Bernáth’s solo exhibition entitled Organimetry has been realised in collaboration with Artlocator Magazine at Art+Text Budapest.

Dániel Bernáth was born in 1990, graduated in Imre Bukta's class at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts at 2014. The young artist quickly became one of the most important voices of his generation not only because he won the Hungarian Prize of the Essl CEE Art Award, but because of his consequent art program which was affected by the new abstraction as well - although Dániel Bernáth’s painting attitude draws as much on the arte povera's tradition as the aspects of the conceptual painting and analysis of abstraction.

Bernáth's new works which are the continuation of the so-called organic framed abstract series appear in his new exhibition applying new experimental installative gestures. Bernáth's works continue to point towards colourfield painting's radical abstraction, meanwhile in the background we can see the artist's pulsing memories of Mátra. Since Dániel Bernáth spends most of his creative period in the Mátra where his rustic, rural frames come from, this region is at least as important for the artist - with its DIY-aesthetic aspects - as the scenery's transubstantiated colour fields. Therefore Bernáth's paintings are dual icons, they bear dual identity since they are abstract landscapes which are created with the scenery, with the elements of the landscape making the land's concrete image.

The title Organimetry reflects the notions which are can be described as organic and metric duality.

The dual identity and motivation is the most personal element on Bernáth's painting, besides his painting program relies on impersonality. The artist tries to bypass his own handmarks using the abstract color fields  rarely turn up for instance the colorful shadows reflects to the wall from the back of the paintings.

Bernáth's free, sassy, confrontational and fresh art this time can be seen until the 22th of November at Art+Text Budapest Gallery.

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