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—Gray Box—

Performance: 4 July 2017, 6-9 pm

Installation on view: 5-31 July 2017

The special project dreams are my reality by Gray Box is an interdisciplinary, multisensory and experience-based site-specific installation and interactive performance at Art+Text Budapest.

Gray Box is an artist collective founded in 2014 by the Franco-Hungarian visual- and performance artist Anna Ádám. Based on interdisciplinary, research-based collaborations, and collective creative process, the company creates instruction- and experience-based projects on the intersection of visual arts, performance, and fashion. The site-specific installation will be on view in the gallery's Rococo Hall after the opening.

Concept, installation, video, photo, objects: Anna Ádám
Performance: Gray Box
Artists: Szabina Almási, Zsuzsa Bakonyi, Orsi Fodor, Mátyás Major, Gyuri Molnár, Roland Korponovics, Réka Pável, Laura Songoro
Clothing: Gray Box with Zita Csabai, Dávid Faidt, Endre Fazekas, Nóra Gulicska, Abigail Wirth
Outfit: Anna Ádám, Abigail Wirth
Make up: Fruzsina Magyari

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