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Miklós Erdély - Monography

Edited by Péter Kőhalmi

Book Launch on Friday 9 December from 6-8 pm

Detailed programme of the event:

18.00 - 19.00 Round table discussion. Gábor Gelencsér film aesthete, Miklós Peternák art historian, Ákos Szilágyi poet, aesthete, Péter Kőhalmi author. Moderator: philosopher J. A. Tillmann

19.00 - 19.45 Concert by the EM90 Band - Poems by Miklós Erdély set to music . Rozina Pátkai (vocals, keyboards, electronics), Richárd Melykó (lyrics), Barnabás Bácsi (guitar, electronics), Dániel Németh (projection)



To date, no comprehensive monograph has been published on Miklós Erdély's oeuvre, which is rich in works and genres. This book is the result of fifteen years of research by Péter Kőhalmi. We are proud that we, along with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, were able to support the creation of this extremely important publication.

"Miklós Erdély's oeuvre goes beyond the web of art historical contexts: he can be placed in a much broader space, in the context of universal culture. Nevertheless, in the thirty-six years since his death, although there have been major efforts to interpret his oeuvre, there has been no comprehensive work on it as a whole. While writing about him, therefore, I cannot avoid the question: why, after all, did this happen? The answer to this question is very simple: it is probably Miklós Erdély himself who is "to blame". Miklós Erdély, with his constantly renewing, bewilderingly diverse oeuvre, and the fact that it is not enough to look at his works in order to become familiar with his oeuvre, but only by getting closer to his thoughts can we see them together. Erdély was as much a thinker as an artist."


Péter Kőhalmi


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