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Pál Salamon 
(b. 1951)

Pál Salamon is a photographer who examines the relationship and transitions between surface and spatiality, representation and subject with his photographic installations and objects. His life's work is based on variations and experiments, exploring the applicability of a motif, a concrete object, its artistic transformability in subtly different, interacting works. In addition to his creative career, he works as an English translator.


He lived in the United States for twenty years, studying history at Roosevelt University in Chicago and Ealhem College in Indiana. He has exhibited at the Bridgewater Gallery in New York and the Center for Photography in Woodstock. The Arts Magazine review of the Bridgewater group show highlighted Salamon's art, which was celebrated as both an obsessive, systematic representation of the elemental problems of photography and a spiritual, mysterious self-expression.


„These pieces are difficult to really see, they require more concentration than usual. You have to look at them long and hard to see both the material and the metaphysical picture. They are perplexing works, like abstract art in general, and abstract photography in particular, however, Salamon's works are not really abstract. Conceptual would be a better description if it didn't suggest an overly dry, theoretical style. Perhaps it is best to say that Salamon's works are finely crafted objects that require contemplation and makes us think about the fundamental problems of both art and reality" writes Ellen Handy in Arts Magazine.


After moving back to Hungary, his works were exhibited in galleries in Budapest and Nyíregyháza.


Although it is not known to the public of the galleries, his portrait series, which he has been making of the residents of Gombosszeg in Zala County every ten and then every five years since 1986, is an inalienable part of his life's work and his artistic reflection on the possibilities of capturing. „(...) an interesting play of time. It's a thought-provoking series of shots showing not only human changes but also the evolution of the environment, the change of relationships and culture, and how the village disappears and then comes back to life," says Salamon about the series.


1974-75 Roosevelt University, Chicago, USA

1975-79 Ealham College, Richmond, Indiana, USA, Faculty of History

1991 International House, New York, English Language Teacher Training


2023 Paperwork – Einspach Fine Art & Photography, Budapest

1996 Here Or Now – ARTIChaux Gallery, Budapest

1999 Untitled – Municipal Cultural Centre, Nyíregyháza


1988 Chip Off a New Block – Bridgewater Gallery, New York, USA

1988 Radiant Findings – Bridgewater Gallery, New York, USA

1995 Center for Photography, Woodstock, USA

1996 Gromek Gallery, Budapest

1996 Photo Month, Bratislava, Slovakia

2015 The White – First Hungarian Visual Centre, Tapolca-Diszel

2018 GameOmetry – Vasarely Museum, Budapest

2019 Shades of Black – First Hungarian Visual Centre, Tapolca-Diszel


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