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—Tibor Sóskuti—

Curated by Gábor Rieder


Opening: 7 March 2018, 7 p.m.

Opening speech by Tamás Szőnyei

The opening event is marked by the musical performance

of Mihály Víg.

On view: 8-30 March 2018

Art+Text Budapest is pleased to present a selection of paintings by one of the witnesses of the Budapest underground, Tibor Sóskuti, a.k.a. SOSO, from the period between 1983-1986. The show is part of the gallery's program that aims to rediscover Hungarian painting of the 80s. The works by the artist who defected to Berlin are new wave icons never shown before. Balaton and Trabant, Marietta and Jenő, new wave and second public. Street art from the dreamlike streets of the hellish golden age, the counterculture of the 80s.

"We cannot be forgotten, we are unforgettable", sang the band Balaton in 1980 at its first concert in the courtyard of the Institute of Psychiatry in Gyula Kulich Square. This was the only time when the bass guitar was in the hands of Tibor Sóskuti. After a long time, Art+Text Budapest dusts off this new wave portrait gallery to make the icons of the period unforgettable.

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