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Tracey Emin - I Whisper to My Past do I Have Another Choice, 2010
TRACEY EMIN (1963 - )
I Whisper to My Past, Do I have Another Choice


edition of 3 

60.5x231.8 cm

Tracey Emin has been using neon as a creative medium since her early career. With the help of neon texts, she expresses direct messages about her thoughts or feelings. Emin created her first neon work in 1995. She binds the neon lights to her childhood, to Margate (United Kingdom). She retained good attention to details, captured and showcased her emotions about her childhood into the neon texts.

Many artists have used neon lights as a medium since the 1960s. Still, while many preferred to use moulded letters and neutral writing, Tracey Emin's works are unique because she has chosen to use her own handwriting in combination with honest and strong statements.

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